Sunday, 6 March 2011

The world hates me (also known as "15cm of snow") and Shoes #6

Why?  Why?

Just as I was revelling in the disappearance of the snow, THIS happened.  Kinda like last Sunday, hmm?

I'm actually a terrible Canadian - I hate winter.  I don't like wearing boots and coats, because they're too expensive to own a variety, they hide your cute outfit underneath, and they weigh you down.  I don't like being cold.  I don't like waking up when it's still dark outside and making my way home from school in 5pm darkness (at least one thing we CAN count on is that the sun lasts a few minutes longer every day.)  We've actually had an unusual amount of snow this winter, even for Toronto.  But please world, please let this one be the last time for the season?

The silver lining - I get to save these boots in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge (found at  The rules state that you must wear all your shoes within the year or get rid of the unworn ones.  And these Spring boots, at $100 plus that beautiful thing known as 13% sales tax in the province of Ontario, are not only the most expensive shoes in my current collection but the most expensive pair I have ever owned.  At least they've stood up well to the horrible weather, although that's at least in part thanks to the neurotic mink oil treatments I've been giving them!

I fell in love with this hat at a street market in Florence, Italy, on a high school trip.  This coat, the only I own that I actually like, was $15 at a thrift store (yay!!) and the elbow-length gloves are Tommy Hilfiger but were $4 at an end-of-season sale.  Ha!  Guess they didn't realize that winter was far from over!

Here's something pink and flowered to cheer us up then.  You can find them at Ruche for far more money than I think I'll ever consider spending on a pair of flats.  They're nice to look at though!

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  1. not a fan of the flats.. but I like your boots