Monday, 21 March 2011

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #9: Mary Jane Wedges

I'm just on a roll with exciting blog titles, eh?

Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 9 are these summery canvas Mary Janes which I got for $5 in February, and I just love them.  They are a half-size too big (strangely because they're an 8 and I'm usually 8.5-9) but since when is the wrong size a reason to not wear shoes?  I spent about three days wearing these around the house just for fun because there was still snow on the ground. 
For the record, my 19-month-old niece also liked them.
"I am Godzilla! Fear me!!" (She clearly felt really big with the extra 2 inches of heel height!)

Now thank goodness the weather was dry enough for two days to wear them for real!  My life is so exciting that I wore them to the library downtown to work on my existentialist French literature essay.  It's, um, fascinating.  

The next pair of Mary Janes I'm thinking of getting are these.  I like the floral print but could also go for plain black or navy if they become available, or olive.  

My good friend Lina owned them in black and I can honestly say she wore them to the point of having holes in the toe.  Not the best quality, but at such low prices I think I'll give them a pass.

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