Friday, 18 March 2011

Jeffrey Campbell

I hope this post does not turn out to be an advertisement for Jeffrey Campbell footwear because honestly, I don't like it and I'm getting tired of it very quickly.  I've been seeing it in what seems like every fashion blog and all over - the exaggerated platform that looks like it weighs five pounds, the chunky six-inch heel, the architectural shapes, yes sir, Jeffrey Campbell!

These ones are the designer's typical shapes but you can find more interesting ones at that link.

Honestly I like my shoes to look a bit delicate.  I'm not opposed to wedge heels, chunky heels, or platforms, but I don't want my foot to resemble a chunk of lead, which is the impression I'm getting here.

Your thoughts?


  1. I guess I've kinda grown acustomed to seeing them everywhere. I hated them at first, but they're growing on me. I still don't think I'd wear a pair, especially the Lita's (booties) they're especially unflattering. And they look waaaay heavy and like they'd hinder your ability to walk.

  2. I'm much like you, shoes should be pretty!

    While I have some pretty ridiculous heels, I am finding myself less drawn to those and constantly putting on my girly peep toes instead.

    I think to some extent people wear them because they should wear them. Just like harem pants....