Friday, 4 March 2011

Frocking Friday

A whole week has gone by!  March is now here in earnest, which means all my deadlines are coming up.  I happen to be one of those people who keeps lists of everything.  I personally do this via the Sticky Notes of my computer.  For your viewing pleasure, here is everything I have to do, up until the end of this school year:

I already know I'm crazy, so no need to point it out! (<3)

Point number 1: meeting with some group members for an essay.  We are all really irritated because our prof has told us we must follow his exact guidelines for what to argue in our essay - the only thing is, we already did the essay, so now we have to change it!  Of course I want to produce a good essay - the thing is, this prof's motivations are ideological, not academic.  He has a real bone to pick with one of Ontario's former premiers (like an American governor), Bill Davis (a conservative).  Our prof has already informed us that he himself votes NDP (Ontario's socialist party).  So his problem with our essay is that we don't spend enough time criticising everything Bill Davis did during his premiership.

My frock this Friday was a red one, faux-wrap style, with navy tights and a navy belt.  I have no navy shoes and red seemed too matchy-matchy, so I finished the outfit with these baby blues ones.  Only in my supreme clumsiness, I managed to utterly destroy the heel of one of them while running to get in the photo before the 10-second timer went off.  So these pictures lie: the actual shoes I wore today were yellow-gold flats.  

This is what my life looks like at the moment: always either a computer or a book, doing research for the six essays I must complete by the end of this month in addition to tests and regular schoolwork.
Style blogging with no tripod or remote-controlled camera is difficult!  Better equipment is on my long-term shopping list.  This also exists on my computer Sticky Notes.  One day I shall own all these items!

Happy Friday!  Have a good weekend everyone.

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