Sunday, 13 March 2011

On modesty, part II

You may have read my thoughts on modesty a few weeks ago here.  Well today I thought about it a lot more.

To start: I'm not posting outfit photos today because I went to a funeral and not only was my outfit not interesting but it seemed disrespectful to take pictures and post them online.  (And I wouldn't like to be the kind of blogger who artificially constructs outfits just to take pictures without actually wearing them.)  I will tell you that I wore a black skirt and black sweater over a white collared shirt that I buttoned up quite high.

I'm not the most modest dresser you will ever meet/see on the internet.  I have been known to wear low-cut top, short skirts, form-fitting dresses, tight pants, etcetera, and I have even fought quite bitterly with my mother over the right to wear them.  But still I always say: dress for the occasion.  Which brings me to my astonishment of the day.

One middle-aged lady at the funeral was wearing a dress that was:

1)  low-cut, revealing a fair amount of middle-aged cleavage.
2)  bright fuschia!
3)  sleeveless/tank-style.
4)  revealed a huge tattoo on her shoulder.
5)  made of a casual, cotton-like material.

I was, quite simply, astonished.  I have heard there is a trend in funerals to "celebrate the life" rather than "mourn the death" of the deceased, and so all-black is not necessary anymore, but still, a funeral is not a party!  This dress seemed to me like one of my everyday summer dresses!  And it just makes me question: shouldn't it be OBVIOUS that that's inappropriate?  Or am I the one confused by outdated rules?

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