Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It's Monday, Monday, kicking it on Monday

No, I won't be going to "party, party, party" like Rebecca Black due to my essay due Thursday, but there's only so much a student blogger can whine about how much schoolwork she has in the last week of her undergraduate degree. (Well, except for that summer school credit I'll be doing in France.  But I'll be doing that bird course in France surrounded by sexy accents and haute couture, so I promise I won't complain.)

So instead, I'll tell you that the French play I was in finally presented yesterday evening!  It went very well despite us missing a whole chunk of lines...Excitement!  The play basically follows a family who have convened at the lawyer's (The play is called "Chez le notaire") to hear the last will and testament of their aunt, who's been missing for four years. What a shock! The aunt has left her huge fortune to her boyfriend.  Only, omg, she's alive!  Turned out she had been imprisoned during the Vietnam War while she was yachting around Asia.  Anyway, she wants to change her will.  No, the nieces and nephews are still out of luck - she has a NEW boyfriend to leave her money to.  But she feels sick, and falls in love at first sight with the Docteur Hugo, and then has her head turned by the law clerk himself.  Just when the nieces and nephews can't take it anymore ("omg that sly old fox of a lawyer is taking all our money!") she suddenly notices the play's narrator and they waltz off into the sunset.  It was hilarious.  Everyone played their parts so well, especially the aunt and the lawyer.  I'll post photos today or tomorrow.  So happy!  And now on to essay writing!

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  1. Love this! Plays that mess with the usual conventions are great, what role did you play?