Monday, 7 March 2011

"All dressed up" and Shoe Challenge # 7

I never understood why it's seen as such a strange and negative thing to be "all dressed up".  My good friends tease me good-naturedly when I show up to lecture in a skirt or dress, and perhaps others think it's strange but don't say it.  My sister should be accustomed to it since we live in the same house, but she never fails to say something somewhat disparaging, and usually even seems sort of angry to see me in a dress and mid-high heels.  My brother does the same whenever he's in town, annoyed that I'm apparently trying to call attention to myself - this seems to indicate a lack of decorum as far as he's concerned.  I recently heard a story about a professor that made fun of a group of his students who dressed up, dress pants and button-down shirt style, to do a presentation.  (Since when do professors criticize rather than applaud effort?)

Here is the type of outfit I'm referring to: this is something I would enjoy wearing, and by golly (sorry, I had to) I will!

Obviously I like clothes and shoes more than the average person if I'm writing a style blog - but why do other people dislike style so much?  Why do we criticize people who make an effort to look nice, or who try to express themselves through clothing?  How did it happen that sweatpants, leggings-as-pants, even pajama pants, and UGG boots, are the go-to outfit for students and many others?

And does anyone else feel just a little bit offended that their classmates or whoever are basically stating, through sloppy and overcasual dressing, "I don't care at all what you think of me"?

I don't have the answer.  Anyone care to venture a guess?  All I can say: dressers-up, represent!  Be proud to wear that pretty skirt, those adorable heels, that strand of pearls, that crisp white shirt.  Or it may be that you prefer the boyfriend blazer with a band t-shirt and black skinnies.  I'm not opposed to jeans and a t-shirt when the time is right - just please, please, leave the sweatpants and pajama pants at home.  Or at the VERY LEAST, don't criticize the girl who actually made an effort.  Dressers-up, whatever your style happens to be,  don't let the slobs get you down...and don't get sucked in to their lifestyle!

Shoe Challenge # 7: brown kitten heels in my favourite round-toe shape


  1. I totally agree with what you're saying! :) There's a lot of cute dresses and skirts I'd love to wear, but I'm afraid of people making comments about how I'm so dressed up! Some people aren't afraid to stand out, but I'm not one of those types. I wish everyone dressed up more, so I could do it too without getting pestered by family members. :)

  2. You just have to start slowly, getting used to one "fancy" item at a time, until you own the look! I think I started in high school with a strand of fake pearls that I wore every single day. Spring and summer are a great time to start, it will be less surprising and easier to plan outfits that don't need to be warm. I looked at your blog - you are an artist anyway so I have full confidence in you! :D

  3. I like your outfit, and I totally agree with you about this - I have no idea why "dressed up" seems to be almost a dirty word(s) these days. It seems like no one really bothers dressing up anymore, even when the occasion warrants it. Just today, I bought a dress and the sales assistant asked me what the occasion was, but I don't see why you need a special event to wear something nice.

    I definitely think that you should wear what you feel comfortable in, and if that's pretty skirts and dresses, don't let anyone stop you :)