Saturday, 5 March 2011

Boldly and fearlessly mixing colours, and Shoe Challenge #5

One of my New Year's Resolutions was, in these exact words: "boldly and fearlessly mix unexpected colours".  It was not quite accurate.  I don't think colours should be mixed fearlessly at all, I think they should be mixed boldly but cautiously.  I like the idea of combining colour-wheel opposites, but in those cases I think one should be either a dark-approaching-neutral (say, orange with navy blue) or a pale-approaching-pastel (say bright green with a blush pink).  Another possibility is to combine two bright colours, but in unequal amounts: say, a bright yellow dress with a purple headband and belt.  Then I leave the rest of the outfit in the plainest of neutrals like black, white, and tan.  The final test, of course, is the full-length mirror test.  If it looks so bright as to be clownish or unbalanced, something must be changed.

I thought I'd repeat the same pose from the last rainy day I carried this umbrella!

Today I went for this rich royal purple and yellow combination, but the yellow is a lovely buttery shade; it also only shows in a small-ish triangle.  I actually was given the yellow top by my sister-in-law and I altered it.  It used to have little pearl beads sewn all over and a ribbon that ran awkwardly across the bust.  I carefully cut off the ribbon and all the beads and turned the ribbon into a bow that I attached with a combination of safety pins and fashion tape.  Voila! I can move the bow wherever I like.  Did I mention I adore bows?

 And for Shoeper Shoe Challenge #5, these Spring shoe-boots with covered buttons, worn last week as well here.  I ordered them not quite realizing the heels were that high but kept them anyway.  They do start to hurt after a whole day of walking around, but who am I to let that stop me?

I wore this outfit to "work" which is actually tutoring a high school student.  I absolutely love that family: they make me the most delicious tea every time!  And my student is so sweet and polite.  It's a perfect job for during the school year: for 2-3 hours a week it basically funds me buying tea and the occasional lunch on campus (although normally I'm a "packed lunch" kinda person) and my occasional nights out.  And also my cheap clothes and shoes habit!

I just realized here my approach to style: "do it your way, but don't get crazy." (i.e. Don't overdo it.)
If you haven't already seen this video, watch it now.  If you have, enjoy it again.  You're welcome!

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  1. Bold is a good word, it means you are mixing and are damn proud to be doing so!

    The little bow on the singlet is adorable. Oh and your red dress from the previous post has made me realise I am seriously lacking in red dresses and must go remedy this RIGHT NOW!