Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Planning Outfits in Advance - Day 1

I live in the suburbs of Toronto, but my great friend Lina lives in the heart of downtown, walking distance from the university.  Usually once a week and sometimes more we pull a very late-night library session and then walk back to her place together and I just stay there.  This is beneficial to both of us as working in the library helps us be productive, and she doesn't do this without me because she wouldn't like to walk home all alone in the wee hours in the morning.  And the next morning we have class together.
Not exactly school-appropriate, so...
Covered with a versatile blazer, changing the look entirely!

The thing is, this requires me to plan my outfit in advance, and not only that but I have to pack light since I have to carry my change of clothing around all day along with any books and my computer and the basic toiletries/essential makeup.  That means I have to plan two visibly different outfits I can match with the same pair of shoes and coat and generally same accessories, as well as preferably at least one or two overlapping items such as a cardigan and a pair of pants or skirt.   Did I mention the temperature is going down again this week?  It can be excruciatingly cold walking back from the library at 2am...
I do the best I can to balance fashion, outfit diversity, warmth, and light packing.  And this week I will be spending two nights in a row so I have to plan three days ahead.  This week the colour scheme will be red, white, and black.  Some say that that's a very predictable combination, but I say there's nothing wrong with it and it makes things easy!
I love this dress!
Also: Pancake Tuesday anyone?  Did I mention I'm an extraordinary chef?  :P  Or that I can eat far more pancakes than a normal person should eat on an average Tuesday?

**You may have noticed me switching shoes in the pictures.  I am wearing neither of these pairs of shoes today so I'll save the shoe challenging for another day!

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