Thursday, 17 March 2011

Modesty Part 3, Date Outfit, St. Patty's Week and Shoe Challenge #8

Well THAT was a cumbersome post title, wasn't it?
I've officially learned something from blogging.  This dress here?  Too short.

The sad thing is, I've had that dress over a year and I've worn it a good few times.  It was just not until I had to take a photo of myself in it that I realized how short it was - basically unwearable as a dress.

So anyway, Tuesday morning (good thing I didn't have class till 3!) I was struggling to find something that seemed decent and was also green for my self-proclained St. Patrick's Week. So here is what I ended up in.  I was not entirely satisfied but at least it was decent!

Here's my date outfit for Wednesday night, which I recreated today.  I love the print on the top part of the dress. The date was just perfect on the surface (dinner, wine, dessert, talking, etc.) but I don't think that my date and I had much chemistry.  It was really too bad because he was very sweet and interesting.  I felt like we could be great friends.  I may go on a second date if he asks me, just to confirm it.  Has anyone else felt this way before?

And today, St. Patty's day!  I am also feeling like this dress is too short and I might retire it.  I am starting to think everyone should photograph themselves before leaving the house.  Photos just show you something you don't see in the mirror!  I guess it's the same way hearing your recorded voice is so surprising.

I wear these shoes a lot but this is the first time I photographed the whole outfit as it was actually worn.  They are super comfy and versatile, which is great for walking all over downtown Toronto.  I find that flats are not the best with tights because my tights always end up bunching around the ankles, (does anyone else have this problem?) and a bit of a heel helps avoid that.


  1. I've also been realising how short some of my dresses are after taking photos of myself wearing them! It's strange that it's more noticeable in photos than when looking in the mirror.

    You do seem to have a lot of green clothes! I don't think I would've been able to get through a whole week of wearing green.

  2. Yeah the photos have just been smacking me in the face with all the problems in my outfits! I hope it helps me improve though. And I just can't get enough of bright green!

  3. I love green! I liked especialy the green dress you wore for St Patrick's day! About the date, yes, this feeling is quite common... but then enjoy having other dates, of course, and you'll find chemistry in some!
    Very nice pictures!