Sunday, 27 February 2011

School tomorrow, bleh...

Funny thing about today is that I've worn three pairs of shoes and I am not counting any one of them for the shoe challenge.  I put on some pink pumps for Sunday Mass only to realize that it had snowed a good 10 centimetres overnight!  My dad had to shovel a path for me to get to the car.

I put on some black shoe-boots to go tutor a high school student, and finally I put on these beige shoes to go to the library and do some schoolwork with Jeff before he heads back to his own university in London tomorrow morning, but we ended up staying to study at my house.  So to use any of these shoes for the shoe challenge just seems contrary to the spirit of it: each pair was hardly worn for any time at all!  I'll have to "save" them all another time.  (If anyone doesn't know about the Shoe Challenge, it's over at Shoeperwoman and the aim is to wear every single pair of your shoes between now and February 14th, 2012, or else you must donate or throw out the shoes you didn't wear.)

Anyway, my outfit for today is very casual so I thought it was a good idea to wear this necklace I got at Petra, in Jordan last year.  (Favourite place I've travelled to ever!)  I don't want to use that old clich√© about the "statement piece" so I'll frame it another way.  I think the easiest mistake to make when getting dressed is overdoing it with too many colours, too many accessories, etc.  (The opposite possibility is to wear sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but this is a fashion blog so we'll pretend that doesn't exist!)  Today my outfit was simple enough that I figured I could wear this bold necklace without risking looking overdone.

Today is really my last-ditch effort to get some school work done before early morning classes tomorrow.  I just have no motivation!  I'm supposed to be finishing reading "Moderato cantabile" by Marguerite Duras for a French course but it hasn't happened yet.  At least one good thing about classes starting again is that I'll have a place to wear all my shoes!

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