Monday, 28 February 2011

Rainy days make me pensive + Shoes #4

Today I am saying goodbye to the first pair of shoes due to the Shoe Challenge.  The problem is, although it's raining like anything today (I approve, because Rain defeats Snow), these boots are just too small.

There's really no point torturing your feet over a pair of souped-up Wellington boots, is there?  I only got them because they were cheap and reminded me of these Ruche boots.

Oh well, there's a Shoeper lesson: do not buy shoes that are too small, even if they are cheap.  I did not wear these boots once, and it was the Shoe Challenge that forced me to put them on and realize once and for all that they had to go.  Thanks, Shoeperwoman!

Instead I'm wearing the same shoe-boots as yesterday, with the same jeans, I know.  Well I put the jeans in the freezer overnight, that makes it okay, right?  And I really like how the beige looks with the faded blue of the jeans.  I was wearing these jeans the day I bought the shoes and that definitely influenced my purchasing decision.  Also the "OMG half price and only one pair left in my size!" factor.  Shhhh ;)  Today I'm counting them as Shoe Challenge #4.

See the ditch in the back of the photo?  That's flooded due to the rain/melted snow combination.  But you won't hear me complaining - I can take wet, just not cold!


I have been hiding both the blazer and this rainbow-starry tank top in my closet for a while now, and I dragged them out because I thought the "professional" and the whimsical aspects were a perfect complement.  And I just love the opportunity to use my polka dot umbrella.  I really like what I'm wearing and it makes me happy already so I think that makes for a good day, don't you?  I don't understand how my classmates can wear sweatpants and a tshirt, or worse, pajamas.  Clothes can be and should be used as a powerful weapon against academic lethargy and demotivation!

(Same goes for tea, obviously!)

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