Saturday, 26 February 2011

Party Outfit, Shoes #3, and Politics

 Since this is Reading Week for us Canadian post-secondary students, I've been relaxing quite a lot.  We're supposed to use the week off to actually read - obviously, no one really thought that through!  University-age kids...a week off...I have definitely not been reading and neither has anyone I know!  But actually, someone who has not been relaxing is my friend Jeff, who's in town from London, Ontario. Last night he kindly took me out for a lovely dinner and then we hit the Drake Hotel, a nightclub here.  I love nightclubs because you can act as crazy, as silly, as carefree as you like and not be strange, so I danced the night away!  I was not dressed in a typical club fashion, because I had thought we would only have dinner and casual drinks in the bar.  So this is an outfit my mother would have probably approved of!

I feel like if you're going out dancing, a swingy skirt is a must: it just makes dancing that much more fun!  The shoes here are my beloved Mary Janes.  The whole outfit is super cheap - the black top is actually a dress that I picked up for $3 at Orfus Road, an outlet strip mall kinda thing in Toronto.  You can't try things on there so I didn't realize it's obscenely short.  This is the first time I had the idea to wear it as a top.  The blue skirt is from Forever 21 for $16, the Mary Janes I got in perfect condition in a thrift store, ($5 maybe?) and the belt came with a skirt for $10.  The skirt is now gone, but I wear this belt all the time.  Funny how things work out sometimes.  So if I don't count the belt, this outfit is $24, and all of these items are easy to wear.  Wardrobe success!

Here's my "super-studious-student" outfit for today, which I am planning to spend catching up on schoolwork.

 So far I have yet to do any schoolwork, and it's almost 4pm.  Late night tonight I think!  But I have a good reason for procrastinating.  I didn't mention before, but I was born in Libya.  My parents lived there for the entire 1980s, teaching in a school run by an oil company for the children of its employees.  That's how they met, and they still have friends there.  So our family is I guess emotionally more affected by the Libya crisis at the moment.  Today we attended a solidarity rally in Toronto.  I was of course dressed inappropriately for the weather!  My legs were numb in the lace tights.  Fortunately the boots proved very comfortable for marching.  Here I am with my twin sister in Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square.
And while walking around the city I spied this Irish pub.
Pogue Mahone, aka "Kiss my @$$" in Irish Gaelic.  Love it!


  1. That skirt is absolutely adorable!

    Oh and may I ask the relevance of your blog name? I'm always intrigued by the back stories :-)

    I hope you'll check out my blog, we can keep up with eachother's progress in the shoe challenge!


  2. Thanks for following my blog! The name is from an Irish folk song about a girl who shares my name.

    PS Congrats on the hair extensions and good luck with the Shoe Challenge! :D