Monday, 28 February 2011


"Spring" has two meanings for me.  One is my favourite season - flowers, nearing summer vacation, warmer weather, St. Patrick's Day, Easter...
The other meaning?  Well, let me show you:  Spring.

This shoe/accessory store was the origin of SIX pairs of new shoes for me this winter.  Thank goodness most were on sale.  They will be duly revealed to you via the Shoe Challenge.  Anyway, the problem right now is not the shoes but the gorgeous bags Spring, the store, is coming out with for spring, the season.  Warning: I love bows, and I love floral print accessories.  I think there's a conspiracy!

This one is my favourite, and it would be ridiculously versatile!

This one is also gorgeous.  Imagine a warm outdoor party!

And here are my favourite of the shoes I bought this winter: they're only $17.49!  I also bought them in black, that's how much I adore these shoes.  They're also amazingly comfortable.

And a photo of me wearing those lovely shoes while on vacation in Mexico before Christmas.  Ah it was so wonderful there...bring on the warm weather!

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