Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day

Today is my 21st birthday, as well as Father's Day.  My parents, twin sister, and I all went out for brunch which was sort of nice, even though I'm not on the greatest terms with my mother at the moment.  I guess that's something I should fix before heading off to France!  Later on I'll go have a few drinks with a girlfriend of mine.

Funny coincidence of the day: a school friend posted on my wall "Hope you're having a great day and wearing something 50s inspired" and in fact, this modcloth "soda fountain dress" has the very words "1950s-inspired" in its description!  Either my friend is psychic, or I'm just THAT predictable!  Anyway I had a lot of fun twirling in it!

 The boater hat is pretty much my signature.  I love adding hats to any daytime outfit, they make it instantly cuter!

Shoe Challenge #20!  I have these lace-up Mary Janes (ahem - Mary Joxfords?) in beige as well (worn here) and I just love them.  Got them a little dusty today in the process of photo-taking, but not a big problem.


  1. Happy 21st birthday! Is that a big one in Canada? Here in New Zealand it is like the big 'becoming an adult one' but I've never known if it's just us who do that!

    Both your dress and shoes are utterly lovely, and as I am about to try wearing hats for the first time it is nice to know it can be done without looking silly!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Your dress and shoes are lovely <3 I was actually admiring that modcloth dress a while ago myself, but like most dresses I want from modcloth, it sold out before I could get one in my size. The colour looks great on you'

  3. Aw, happy birthday, dear! It is one of my good friends' birthday as well. But the shoes...oh my word, I am a little jealous you have them both in beige and black. I honestly prefer the beige because it is so classic. Gorgeous outfit!

  4. Thanks! Kerry, 21st is not a big deal in Canada because our legal drinking age is 18 or 19, depending on which province you live in. (I live in Ontario, where it's 19.) But it's still fun to celebrate your birthday at any age! And yay for hats! Sara, keep an eye on modcloth because this dress is one of their best-sellers and they restock it pretty often. I recently saw it in coral-y pink! Only problem is it runs large, so even if you get a small you'll have to have it altered, and also it needs a lot of ironing. But worth it! And Dahhlayne, I also prefer the beige. In fact, I have two pairs of beige and one pair of black shoes in this style, I just love them THAT MUCH!