Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Farewell to Kensington

One of my best friends lives in Kensington, which is basically a recently gentrified, former slum neighbourhood of Toronto.  Now it's really trendy, full of overpriced vintage and thrift stores, and overpriced restaurants and cafes.  Still, I like it, and I've probably spent a third of my time this year at my friend's apartment, thanks to our frequent homework dates!  She won't be living there when I am home from France, so this is really the end of an era.  Kensington, I shall miss you.

This is the only shot of my outfit taken all day, a really touristy one in front of the "Kensington" bike rack. (See, I told you it's trendy - people BIKE!)  So I'll just crop the photo for y'all!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I love bright, contrasting colours - and hats, of course.

This is another Shoe Challenge - see how fast I get through my shoes when I get desperate?  There are just five days left until my move to France, and I want to know my shoes will be safe for my return in a year!  These brown kitten heels are not stunning, but still cute and and so comfortable.  


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  1. Those shoes are so stunning! Love the ensemble too :)