Thursday, 16 June 2011

Shoe Challenge #18:, sort of!

I would totally wear this outfit to an office job, if I worked in an office.  The button-down shirt, tan accessories, and briefcase-like purse balance the girly combination of pastel green and purple, right?  Of course they do.  Instead, I'm wearing it for the usual errands - bank, pick up milk, Father's Day shopping, you know the rest.

 And a good thing too, because I absolutely love wearing purple and green together, and these are both lovely shades.  They also remind me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which is just one extra reason for me to smile!  The skirt started its life as a dress, but I chopped off the ugly smocking-tube top half (it was another thrift store find, so no tears were shed).  I was too lazy to add a proper waistband to the skirt, so I must now wear it with a belt every time.  Good thing I like belts!
I've worn these shoes to church on Sunday a few times but never photographed the outfit.  They are pretty much my favourite shape of shoe.  I find closed toe/closed heel pumps far more comfortable than sandals, slingbacks, or peep toes, and the platform on these ones is modest but supportive.
In other news, I'm still on my pink lipstick binge - I'm so happy it's in style!

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