Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Woman's Right to Pink, and Shoe Challenge #17

On an old episode of Sex and the City, Carrie defends the woman's "right  to shoes" when her friend acted condescendingly toward her for spending so much money on a pair of Manolos.  I sometimes feel like the colour pink is a target too - for instance, I recently saw a comment that someone was not a "pink type of girl".  What does that even mean?  There is a shade of pink to complement any complexion - as long as you are willing to wear it!

I'm definitely a "pink type of girl" and these shoes are some of my favourite.  They are #17 to be saved in my shoe challenge before I head off to France in two weeks.  The heels will not be coming with me, but the skirt definitely will as it's unbelievably versatile.  This outfit took me to the shopping district downtown, and it's about to take me on a few errands.

Pink shoes - saved!  On with the challenge!

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