Friday, 8 April 2011

Political rally, and Shoeper Challenge #11

I know it's Frocking Friday and I'm in a skirt, but a) it's my newest thrift store acquisition (along with a black skirt and a white lace skirt, both of which I adore, ahem) and b) I was going to an occasion that a dress seemed OTT for.

Now it's not my intention to make this a political blog but if I'm going to show you the day's outfit and events, it's already clear that I'm putting my support behind the current Conservative Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper, for our coming federal election.  Today I attended a rally with my dad and my friend John in my area and even got a photo with Prime Minister Harper! I will post it when John sends it to me.  The event was very exciting, especially to see so many TV personalities present.  I always encourage people my age to get engaged in politics, whichever party or candidate they choose to support, even if it's no more than reading a newspaper and casting a ballot.  So many young people (and older people too, for that matter) are disillusioned with politicians but my view is that it's always better to participate and potentially have some control over the game than to just give up altogether.

 The blue badge shows my support for the Conservative candidate in my constituency.

These are Shoes #11, something like a combination between Oxfords and Mary Janes?  I wore them to death in Mexico before Christmas, so much that as soon as I got home I bought a second pair for later!  They already show how much I love them, so good thing about it too, and for something like $17, I won't complain.  They are super comfortable, versatile and match-with-anything, and yet interesting.  I love them!


  1. I know this isn't a ground breaking comment, but OHMYGODILOVETHOSESHOES!!!

  2. So you understand why I bought two pairs in beige and one pair in black! :D