Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Shoe Challenge #12

It's a warm day so I'm wearing lace!  I'm pleased that it's "in fashion" this season. I don't typically follow fashion trends, other than the most macro-level ones (shape of jeans, skirt lengths, etc) but I am generally pleased to note that something I would wear anyway is also fashionable at the moment.

As you may recall I've been having a bit of a crisis because taking photos of my outfits has alerted me to the fact that most of my skirts are shorter than I was really aware of.  This one I found in the kids' section of a thrift store (cheaper than cheap!).  It fits fine at the waist although it's a slight struggle to pull it over my hips, and it does count as a miniskirt on me.  I think the length is balanced out by wearing it with flats: I'll save my heels for longer skirts or pants.

I'm afraid my life is very boring at the moment.  This outfit is only for studying and a casual dinner out with several friends later on.  I promise, it gets more exciting!  In fact, I have a hard time studying because in two weeks exactly I'm going to China to see my brother, sister-in-law, and niece for three weeks, after that to New Jersey to visit my relatives, and then to France for my summer course!  How can I focus on American politics with such a wonderful line-up ahead of me?

I know I've already posted about the happy face nails, but they're really winning nails as far as I'm concerned!

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